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"It's what's behind our products that puts us in front"


At Megawood Larson-Juhl, we believe that when you become a CMC customer, our job has only just begun. When considering investing in a CMC, for most people, ongoing service and support will be an important consideration. Megawood Larson-Juhl is proud to be the industry benchmark when it comes to service and support on the machines and products we sell.


Computerised technology requires advanced knowledge and skill. Megawood Larson-Juhl has the industry's most experienced and most qualified technical staff available for you to be sure that when the time comes that you need some help, we'll be there ready for you. Not only are our technical staff factory trained, they are also professional, courteous and prompt.


Our goal is to help you be successful, and when you purchase a CMC, you are making an investment in a long term relationship with a company that you know and can trust.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Megawood Larson-Juhl stands behind their products, and we guarantee customer satisfaction with all of our CMC's.


FREE Phone Support

You've made a big investment, so we believe you deserve to be able to speak to a qualified technician - available whenever you need it. You won't ever hear us say "Sorry, you have to e-mail that through to us..." or "Sorry, but that guy is on holidays...." - We've always got help available for you to speak with.


FREE On-site Training

All CMC's are provided with professional on-site training and installation by a technician (not just a sales rep!). Because we believe a CMC is one of the biggest investments a business can make, we never compromise the standard of service or training provided on each machine.


FREE After Sales Training

It doesn't stop after the install, Megawood Larson-Juhl also offers FREE training programs and educational classes for all existing CMC customers, as well as a comprehensive library of FREE tutorial videos, with over 5 hours of knowledge - developed by Jared Davis. Contact us to find out more about these!


Preventative Maintenance

Megawood Larson-Juhl were the first company in our industry to offer a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance program for existing customers, to help keep you machine running in top condition. Please contact us if you would like more information on this service.


GUNNAR CMC Support Documents, Reference Guides & Videos

Click here to go to our online GUNNAR CMC Support knowledge base.




CMC Sales & Enquiries


Jared Davis

Phone - 0411 612 231

E-mail -

CMC Technical Support


Anthony McLaren

Phone - 0413 110 077

E-mail - 

CMC Technical Support


Chris Mason

Phone - 0411 612 224

E-mail - 

WA Machinery Sales & Support


John Webb

Phone - 0428 100 465

E-mail - 

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